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Question - Does Ja'Duke rent  individual drops from Ja'Duke show packages?

Answer - At Ja'Duke our customers always come first. Because we have multiple copies of our most popular drops we offer our customers a single drop from any drop collection.

We not only produce our own backdrops but we produce our own shows. We know first hand how important staying on budget is. If we don't have your drop available, often we will print it if time permits.

Question - What payments do we accept?

Answer -  We accept checks. All major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover as well as debit cards. We also accept school purchase orders. Payment is due before shipping unless you are using a purchase order from a school.

Question - What is a normal rental period?

Answer -  Our rentals are Monday to Monday. If your drop is in stock and available, we do try to ship early.

Question - What shipping carrier does Ja'Duke Backdrops use?

Answer - We ship via UPS. UPS has the best tracking system.  This allows us to track the backdrops to and from your location. 


Question - What kind of material is used to make Ja'Duke Backdrops?

Answer - Our backdrops are digitally printed on fire retardant polyester cloth. Giving our drops very vibrant, lush colors.

Question - How are Ja'Duke Backdrops hung?

Answer - All of our drops come with grommets and tie lines, spaced approximately 12-14 inches apart. We ask that you only hang the drop using the grommets and tie lines provided. Please do not pin, staple, tack or tape the drops at anytime.


Answer - We are available by phone 413-218-2954 or email Because we produce our own shows we have many innovative solutions to help make your show successful. Gives us a call, we are here to help make your show great!

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